Fish Don’t Have Feet

Morning WordPress

Decided to be flippant today and publish one of my poems for children. Illustrations hopefully in pipeline for this, but meanwhile your feedback would be appreciated. Hope you like it.

Fish Don’t Have Feet

One foot, Two feet.

Big feet. Small feet.

Mouse feet. Cat feet.

Little tiny Bat feet.

Fish feet –

Don’t be silly – Fish don’t have feet!

Smelly feet. Hairy feet.

Little pretty Fairy feet.

Paw feet. Claw feet.

Very, very sore feet.

Fish feet –

Not again – Fish don’t have feet!

Feet on elephants. Feet on giraffes.

Feet on ducks and feet on calves.

Tiger, zebra, ant, bee, dog,

Kangaroo, Sea lion and warthog.

Feet on dinosaurs, feet on birds.

Some feet I’ve seen are quite absurd.

Feet on Rabbits, feet on Newts,

Feet on Teddy Bears, aren’t they cute?

Spiders have eight feet, fish have none –

That’s right – Fish don’t have feet –

But it might be fun

To give them some!

Thank you for reading, if you have been.



6 responses to “Fish Don’t Have Feet

  1. Love the poem. I reckon I can use as a children’s address in church some Sunday!

  2. Haha, that is so cute. I have two nieces (twins) only 6 months but I’m definitely going to read this to them. 🙂

  3. I thought this was delightful. Great rhythm and images come flying with footy phrase. Calves and giraffes was brilliant. This should be a hit.

    • Hope so – I have an illustrator looking at this right now. Keep your fingers crossed!
      Thank you for your input. Much appreciated.

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