Books and yet more Books

Just read a great post: Books taking over the House – see latest post.

I too have a tiny house and I am nutty about books. We moved from a large Victorian money-pit a few years back and there was no question: a lot of things, including books, had to go. There would be no room.

I tried to clear: a pile for me, a pile for the second hand dealer, a pile for jumble.

I sorted all day. Only one book appeared in the pile for the second hand dealer and one in the pile for jumble.

My husband shook his head.

‘It won’t do. You know it won’t’

I tried again the following day, with the same result.

And then I had a brainwave – my daughter was coming and she is as bonkers on books as me.

I left all the books that were not directly in my life at the time in piles in the hall. Katy came, squeezed past the piles and asked what on earth was going on.

I explained in a sad voice that they were all going to the local jumble sale because there was no room in the new house. She snorted some reply and turned and went back out to the car, opened it up and proceeded to pile all my beloved books into it.

So you see, I still sort of have them. They are not irrevocably lost.

I see them when I visit.

I can take them back if I want.

I can still choose to go and run my hands over them and delight in them.

I still have loads of books in my house. Not quite as many as before but certainly more than most people would deem a sensible amount to live with. I yearn to be minimalist. Look around. Yeah – never gonna happen.

I still buy books and scout about for places to put them, and at the moment my husband and I can still get in the house.

And there is the library, wonderful place. And I have (shock horror!) bought a Kindle upon which to put about 3,000 digital ones. Just this morning I downloaded the Etymologicon. It is brilliant.

The only trouble is, I get the feeling it might have to be bought as a ‘real’ book as well. Which is proving to be my latest problem.

That is beginning to be my new habit…..



3 responses to “Books and yet more Books

  1. I sure feel you on all of these… Yup! Have the book compulsion. Time it was when I went on a journey and finished my transport on books! Had to be bailed 🙂

  2. Many evenings I went scouting for books that I had heard something about. More often was I in search of some How-To or a book about computer technology, since one of the local media shops threw many books into a Free Bin. I always stopped by, though I didn’t always find something to suit my taste. After collecting many books, as many others before me, I had to get rid of most of them during a quick pack to move. So, instead of simply trashing them, I donated them to a Nazarene church. From word received back, I heard that many of them were either stowed away in the library, or sold in some sale or another. It made me happy to think that those books have found a place to call home.

    Though it is easier to have them in paperback (or hardback) form, it’s much easier to keep up with eBooks than it is storing away all of those lovable pages.

    • Hmm. Free books. The temptation.
      Yes, moving is difficult where books are concerned and I view my Kindle as another delightful bookcase. But this one is portable.

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