6 reasons for my great week on WordPress

This blog began last Saturday, so has been around just over a week.


Was unsure of how this would go, totally unsure of what I was doing (not much of that has changed in the week!) but I have found

  1. lots of new people,
  2. brilliant support,
  3. loads of information,
  4. many interesting tales
  5. inspirational stories and
  6. intriguing ideas.

Thank you very much to all who have shown me such a welcome. I have enjoyed reading your pages, been inspired by your successes and moved by some of your stories. Thanks to you I have ideas for this week, ideas for new writing, a decision to set new goals and a determination to finish my latest novel. I know that my decision to begin a blog was a good one and that this was the best place to do it.

Looking forward to my next week and to finding out more about all of you.



5 responses to “6 reasons for my great week on WordPress

  1. You’ll find it so interesting a year from now – to read what you wrote. Your blog will involve in wonderful ways, and take you to exciting new places. Virginia

  2. YaY! — Party at Pat’s place!

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