Goals and Work in Progress

I had a goal this week, to set goals.

I haven’t done this for some time and has been interesting to go back through my files and discover the last goals I had. They were so outdated, one of them was from 2009!

Life has moved on somewhat since then, but looking at my goals, apparently I have not and some of the things I wanted then are still on my agenda now. I have spent some time on this and have now listed what I hope will be reasonable achievements together with some ideas on how to get there.

One of my goals for this week – and probably several weeks to come – is to edit one of my books, Clean Death.

Rightly or wrongly, I have chosen to take this task on line and with that in mind, I have set up a sister blog at http://cleandeath.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/home.

I have posted the first chapter, which may or may not be the best hook upon which to hang my story, but right now, this is where it starts. I don’t know if this is the done thing to do in the blogging world, to throw my work out there into the ether and it could well come back to bite me in the derriere, but I’ve done it. If you are interested in something a little, shall we say, different, then you may like to pop over and give it a whirl. If you hate it, please feel free to say so, but I would be grateful if you could explain why. And I do appreciate that genre fiction is not everyone’s cup of splosh. I would not describe this as horror, more fantasy suspense. You have been warned.


18 responses to “Goals and Work in Progress

  1. This is very brave. I’ll pop over and have a look and let you know what I think. Not that I’m an authority, but I do read a lot … 🙂

  2. Oh good, I’m not the only one who has outdated goals lying around in notebooks. 🙂

    • The ridiculous things I felt so guilty for not achieving them. And some were in my computer, which feels worse, like I’d published them for the world to see and not got them done.
      But I have recovered. I’ve set another lot. 🙂

  3. people who set their goals with the intention and determination to achieve them are amazing. i was never one of them.

    • This made me laugh.
      Well, I set them with not your intention and determination, but expectation.
      Not that it necessarily does me any good…

  4. I was told a few months ago that I need to view writing as a job and not a hobby. Ever since this, I’ve had a new mindset and now set goals every week just like in a job. If I don’t reach a target, no yummy treat for me :p. hehe. Actually, this is why I started a blog recently; it was one of my goals 🙂

  5. Goals are usually a good thing. Remember to keep them in sight and stay focused. I mean, actually write them down and keep them in sight, not just think about them here and there, while you’re busy thinking about other things.

    Slow and steady usually wins the race, but it doesn’t hurt to pick up the pace every now and again.

    • Yes, to keep them in sight and stay focused. Not stick them into some vague and obviously forgotten file on my computer.
      I have a feeling that I have come to the right place to keep me going now though.
      Thanks C.A.

      • I think we’ve all been there a time or two, which reminds me of some of the ‘To-Do’ lists that are likely still hiding from me. – Eh, I’ll chase them down with an eraser later.

        • Shame on you – erasing them. Oh, wait, I just did the same thing, didn’t I?

          • At times, it’s necessary in order to make goals that are better suited for the present and future, instead of what we would have liked to accomplish in the past.

          • Ah but I need to be careful with that one – it gives me the perfect excuse to do the same thing again!

          • No, no. You’re supposed to be achieving the goals that you set for yourself. The past goals that are no longer part of your current desires are able to be skipped over as you see fit, but the goals that tie in to what you’re currently working on should remain on your list. Going back to achieve those old goals would likely help you in achieving your newly set goals.

          • I get it. I really do. But goal setting is easy. Achieving is not.
            What I have to do is decide what is within my power, getting it written, edited, out there.
            And what is not within my power. I want my words to reach others. I write to be read and I want a publisher to like my stuff.
            And I can do nothing about that.
            And people keep telling me I should self publish. Put it on Kindle.
            So much so, that I actually do have a book Kindle-ready. But whilst I may do that, it won’t do for me really. If I can’t hold my own proper book in my hand and know that it was worth doing, worthy of someone taking it on, then I will not be happy.
            Driving me on, is that whole thing of a real book. Making a fortune is not what it is about, but I have always wanted to write and to be read.
            I do not denigrate DIY publishing, but it will not solve my problem: i.e. my belief (as many rejection slips attest) that what I write is not good enough.
            Sorry my flippant tone has turned now to angst. Thank you for reading/listening.

          • All in good time. When you are ready to make it happen, you’ll know how. Until that time, prepare yourself by setting goals and sticking to them.

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