Why I write

Lots of my friends think I am a bit weird – wait a minute, I haven’t finished! – lots of my friends think I am a bit weird because I write.

For anyone who writes, the answer is usually obvious. Have to, don’t have a choice. I’m not a very nice person when I not writing. Too many things in the head waiting to explode. But for non-writers, this doesn’t cut it.

So I thought about it for a while and I wrote this story.

Once upon a time, there was a young man who went off to war. He flew aeroplanes and dropped bombs and was shot down a few times, but he survived and returned home to his family and friends. One night when in his local inn, he met the innkeeper’s daughter. She had dark curly hair and a nice smile and he fell in love with her. Eventually, he plucked up the courage to tell her and she agreed to marry him. Nine months later, a baby girl arrived.

“What magic is this?” they said. “How did that happen?”

Both parents were captivated by their new daughter and decided they would like to bless her with magic too and they would give her seven gifts.

Firstly, they gave her the magic of love, for there is nothing more precious to give to a child than love.

Then they sat and wondered what they should do next.

“I know,” said the young man. “I will give her the magic of listening, that she may hear everything going on in the world around her, not just the chatter of crickets, but conversations in restaurants and on buses.”

“Oh, yes,” said the woman. “And she must have the magic of looking and absorbing all that is wonderful too.”

“Yes,” he agreed. “We will show her Stonehenge at dawn and the stars by night and …”

“And I will teach her the magic of speech,” she interrupted. “So she will know the power of words and even be able to talk for England at the Olympics if she wants to.”

“Brilliant,” he said. “And when she knows how to say those words, I will teach her the magic of reading so she will have access to all the books in the land and be able to devour them whenever she wishes.”

They were stumped for a few minutes as to what to give her next, but it wasn’t long before the woman spoke again.

“She must have the magic of imagination. The power to pull the listening and the looking and the words and the reading altogether, for dreams are made of all of these.”

While she spoke, the man searched his pockets and pulled a small object from one of them in triumph.

“And I will give her this magic pencil that she may be able to write and convert her dreams, whatever they may be, into words for others to read.”

So the seven-times-blessed baby grew into a much-loved little girl. She learned to be nosy and to listen and to look at everything happening in the world around her. Her mother taught her to speak as she had promised and her father taught her to read and on the day he gave her the pencil, she discovered she could not put it down. She wrote everything she could, from shopping lists to novels of over a hundred thousand words and she hoped very much someday, somebody would want to read them.

And I was that little girl and that is why I write.



33 responses to “Why I write

  1. That’s great 🙂 so glad I have those gifts, too! Weird is nice 🙂

  2. Girl – you ARE a writer! What you need is new friends. People who get you. Who operate on a similar wave length. Friends who will inspire you to write more, and more, and more. You are NOT the one who is weird. Virginia

    • That is very kind. And it speaks to why I have decided to begin this blog.
      I have lots of lovely friends, all of whom I love dearly, but very few, er, one actually, with the same aims and ideas as I have.
      That makes for a lonely old writing life.
      On here, I hope to meet people with whom I can interact, those who do get it.
      Thank you for being one of them.

    • Seconds on the notion of, if not finding new friends, gathering in more friends who “get” your creative calling. Oh, and I’m stealing this response: “Have to, don’t have a choice.” Six words, says it all.

      • And great to find that you are one of my new friends Patrick. Thank you for visiting and for commenting on this. And steal away!

  3. Like Dumbo didn’t need the feather to fly, you don’t need that pencil to write, girlfriend. Just let the words flow. However, if you find an editing pencil, or the pencil that formulates perfect metaphors, man-oh-man, I’ll wrestle you for that pencil. You’ll do well. Keep at it.

    • Hi lutheran ladies – I’m after that pencil too, but if I find it am prepared to share! Thank you for coming on over and thank you for your lovely thoughts.

  4. Weird is great, and writing is a wonderful escape. I’m writing my very first story and enjoy seeing other people’s views/experiences in this department. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to more from you. 🙂

    • I agree that writing is an escape but sometimes I can’t escape it! There is certainly plenty more where all that came from. Thank you for reading and for your comment. And I’m coming to visit you now!

      • I can understand that, too! I escaped it and pretended it didn’t exist for a few months when someone put my writing down, which I’m pretty sure was done for the wrong reasons. It makes me upset at myself that I let one person’s negativity stop me from writing for months when I had multiple people who have enjoyed what I’ve written and are eagerly pressing me for more. So, I’m back to writing and hoping that this will amount to something. It is my dream, and has been since I was very small. You’re very welcome and I will be stopping by again soon! Thanks for the visit to my blog, also! Have a wonderful day!

  5. If writing makes you weird, then I’m weird, too.

    Here’s to the weird ones! – Write On!

  6. Same problem re. a lack of friends who are into lexicographical matters – these blogs are brilliant for opening up horizons and possibilities. And this was a real sweet post, lovely, heartwarming 🙂

    PS Have just added your blog to my roll call!

    • Many thanks shrewdbanana. You are so right about opening up horizons and possibilities. It is great to get to chat to people with the same full-up heads and realise that we are not alone. Thanks for following!

  7. This is absolutely the reason why we write. We have to and yes it is hard for others to understand.

  8. Perfect! What a wonderful story. I think our sloggan should be “You don’t have to be weird to be a writter, but it helps!” Thanks for following my blog.

  9. Wonderful story. Every baby should be blessed with such parents and grow up to have such an imagination!

  10. It doesn’t seem so weird to me. But then again I am very peculiar.

    It was a lovely fable. I smiled the whole way through.

    Thank you for sharing.


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  12. A Writer’s Magic! Loved this short. Have shared it on LinkedIn and Facebook. Bette A. Stevens https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Bette-A-Stevens-Official-Fanpage/432247843452956

  13. That makes me another weird person too. Keep writing, Pat! 😉

    Here, sharing with you and your readers why I write >> http://seekersportal.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/this-is-why-i-write/

    • Oh Hi – that IS weird – I just posted on your site! And reblogged to here, hope that’s OK.
      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting. I am following you now.

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