WordPress, bloggers and switches

I was fiddling about on Twitter today, and replied to a post with the words that I thought I had Google-itis. And then I thought about it and decided I also have dictionary-itis and encyclopaedia-itis. Because I can’t look up one thing and leave it.  Research is a wonderful, yet dangerous thing for me. One thing leads to another and before I know where I am, it’s lunch time and I haven’t written a word.

I can be very single-minded about some things. I can be very self-disciplined, but I can also be the reverse. No, I am not a Gemini ( and I don’t believe all that anyway).

I have always known that I have some odd habits and some of them are addictive. What I need is a ‘Turn off’ button. Like you would switch off a light or a television. I don’t have that.

Give me a book and if I’m enjoying it, I don’t like to put it down until it’s finished. I can get quite cross if someone needs feeding before I’m ready to stop reading. The control that has to be exercised if there is any chocolate open in the house has to be witnessed to be believed. I have migraine. Chocolate is not a good idea. Yet I can persuade myself without much trouble at all, that chocolate is good for me. It contains iron for a start. All women need iron, I know that. I read it somewhere, so it must be true. And it raises my serotonin levels. I read that too. It contains anti-oxidants, which lower bad cholesterol and it can also help your immune system – although I believe that benefit is only derived when you sniff it. OK, I’m prepared to take a big sniff before I eat.

The following morning, when I can’t lift my head of the pillow for a thumping head, have to take anti-sickness pills and so on, I am less keen to indulge my love of chocolate.  But it won’t stop me doing it again in a week or two’s time.

And sleep. I don’t seem to need a whole lot of that. My husband reckons my head needs a turn off button. Shut it down for the night. Switch it off and stop it from meandering around my latest novel. Or planning a new one. Or a new short story. Or cutting out a character from the current edit. I sometimes get up in the middle of the night if I feel the need to write a couple of thousand words before the idea slips away. Of course, next morning those words may not make a whole lot of sense, but at least I’m not staring at a blank screen. I have got something to edit, even if I edit out most of it, there will be a kernel of an idea to work on.

But in the last week or so, I have a new habit and it involves all of you. It is just too interesting on here. I plod around the blogosphere gaining insights into how you all work, what you all write, why you all write and it is just plain fascinating.  How am I supposed to get on with my writing if you keep me reading your work for so long?

So I am here to tell you to stop it. Stop being so interesting. That’s all.

18 responses to “WordPress, bloggers and switches

  1. So you’re hooked. Worse, though, is you’ve persuaded me to start playing on the blogsphere and now I’m hooked too. Is this crochet or a chain reaction? And anyway what am I doing still out playing at this time of night?!!

    • What are you doing at this time? Same as me – addiction! Interesting on here, isn’t it? There is some great stuff.
      Thanks for sticking around and reading.

  2. Sharon Satterfield

    I’m like you in the reading department. If I pick up a book you can guarantee I am not going to stop reading it until I am finished. Short of people bleeding, or on the verge of death, they had best not interrupt me. 😉

    Great post!

    ~ Sharon

  3. Indeed….I think you are now brilliant besides being humorous.
    Well done!

    • Thank you and I bow to you too. Thanks for stopping by to read and for commenting.
      There is some really good stuff on here and I am honoured when you all visit my very new blog.

  4. I have the same thing… insomnia mixed with addictive “train of thought that leads to other trains”-itis. It’s a curse… and a blessing… and a curse again.

    If God didn’t want us to be happy he would not have invented chocolate… or beer. I’m fairly certain of this. I’m positive of it, actually.


    • Or wine. Or Pimms. Oh, see what you did? It’s 8.15 in the morning and I’m thinking about alcohol!
      But yes, I get your drift.
      I’ll think of you scribbling away next time I’m scribbling in the middle of the night.
      Thanks for popping in for coffee and brownies!

  5. So very true. I suffer from the same cursed blessings. They may not make much sense, until you are as tired as you were when you first wrote them. That has helped me in several instances, anyway; might help you, too.

    My habits began at a young age when I would read dictionaries, thesauri, and encyclopedias for fun. Yes, it was great fun, and it still is. Then, of course, as is the norm, one thing leads to another, and yet another… until the day is morning and you realize once more that a night has passed without sleep.

    • Yes, I’m better than I used to be, but I find the internet a bit of a disaster, if I’m not careful hours can go by. I love the cross referencing and the checking of facts. Sometimes those facts are no longer relevant to my research because I’ve gone off on so many tangents. And I love odd books like Brewers Phrase and Fable and its off-shoots. Great wanderings through language.
      Glad to know there is someone else out there as crazy as me, eating up words into the night!
      Thank you for sharing with me.

      • Whether it’s compressed wood that makes up the pages, or an electronic document, searching for new and exciting information is still new and exciting with every page viewed. Thankfully, electronic documents have the ‘Find’, the ‘Find Next’, and the ‘Uh oh’ buttons that let us move from one thing to the next with ease. Yes, that ‘Uh oh’ button likely to be better known as the ‘Back’ button. Still, there is so much information out there that awaits a reader.

        • Glad you didn’t put ‘awaits an addict’ at the end there. Because I sometimes feel that’s what I am. Addicted. There is, if not a high exactly, a very particular delight to be found in discovering all those new and delicious facts. Or to explode those facts as myths and discover yet more to replace them.

          • Some addictions are worth the time and effort that are offered to them. — Why not be proud of a learning addiction? — Precisely.

          • You’re right. I am proud. My name is Pat. I am addicted to words and facts. And myths. And meanings. Well, most stuff actually. That’ll do. I am addicted to stuff. (PS – not figures. I don’t do figures).

  6. I’ve only been at this thing they call blogging for a little while now and it’s already absorbing my life 🙂 I haven’t picked up my guitar in days, I only spend about a half hour whizzing though Facebook notifications, I’ve totally abandoned Twitter, G+ and another social site I used to spend half the day at. I start “jonesing” if I can’t get through all 80 or more of the blogs that I follow and, to make it worse, I started a second blog. I think I’m blogging myself to death. It is most definitely addictive, probably worse than coffee and chocolate.

    • Glad to find another newbie. Not quite a month for me yet, but yup, totally addicted.
      I am still trying to keep up with Facebook, only just beginning to tweet a bit, G+ is where I started, but decided it wasn’t entirely for me. I am also attempting to continue my writing, edit another novel, have got involved a bit at GoodReads and joined StumbleUpon.
      So – a bit busy! But hopefully I will survive and so will everything I’m doing. The bonus is getting to know all the lovely people like yourself who come to visit. Have a coffee my new friend, some cake (still baking too). There is yet more for you to read… Thank you for commenting.

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