The Crocotiggersaurus

I have a special pet

Her name is Harriet

And I found her in a wood some time ago.

She’s been with me for a while

And she really makes me smile

She’s a Crocotiggersaurous with one toe.

When I found her she was small

But now she’s grown quite tall.

To get her in my bedroom is a squee-eeeze.

Her head is very wide

So she turns it on its side

And crawls in through the door upon her knees.

She eats breakfast lunch and tea

Pretty much the same as me

Though she doesn’t like fish fingers (and I do).

She wears daddy’s ancient shirts,

My mummy’s jeans and skirts

And one single lace-up pointy big black shoe.

She can’t come to school with us

So she kicks up quite a fuss

Till mummy has to give her nose a blow.

She is waiting after school

With skipping rope and bat and ball

And we play games until my friends all have to go.

And when it’s time to go to sleep

We snuggle down inside the sheets

And we cuddle and she rocks me to and fro.

She cuddles very tight

And she keeps me safe all night.

She’s my Crocotiggersaurous with one toe.


9 responses to “The Crocotiggersaurus

  1. Absolutely delightful!
    I’m in such admiration of your talent…just sayin’…

  2. MMmm,, I too find myself writing children’s stories sometimes too. They are refreshing, aren’t they? You remind me about how I need to commission my husband to do more watercolors for things like that. LOL

  3. The title pulled my attention and the whole thing just got me singing it with a bouncy tone.

    Quoting Zooey Deschanel from ‘Failure to Launch’: You dirty little fun-haver! — With that said: Awesome blog entry.

  4. Loved it! And now all sorts of images are scooting around in my head to go along with it. Shame on you. My head space is currently at a premium! LOL And I agree, there’s a bouncy tune accompanying it . . . now I must read it again.

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