Maggie’s Adjective/Adverb Challenge (from Anne)

This looks interesting, not to mention difficult.  Got to give it a whirl though!

Maggie’s Adjective/Adverb Challenge


10 responses to “Maggie’s Adjective/Adverb Challenge (from Anne)

  1. I edited my post that you’ve linked there to include Maggie’s original post about the challenge. I apologize for forgetting to include it to begin with. Here, also, is her own offering in the challenge.

  2. See my white flag?
    It’s waving.

  3. It would not be possible to say that this challenge is interesting without using such an adjective. — To limit the amount of words that a writer should use, one might as well stop writing altogether.

    • You might change it to ‘I am intrigued’ though, which is why I only half agree with you – limiting might be a good idea if it forces us to look at the words we use and choose stronger ones. I do try not to pepper my writing with adverbs, finding more efficient verbs to do the job I want, but adjectives are a different matter. Strong verbs are easy, but strong nouns? Nouns that carry the full meaning of all we want to express are hard to find. Maybe my vocabulary needs extending.

      • The best way to write, in my opinion, is from the heart. When you put yourself into your writing, it makes it all that much better.

        Strong words usually make strong writing, so long as the words help to structure rather than dilute the meaning of what you’re trying to convey. — We could all use some vocabulary extending.

        • I think I always write who I am and pretty much how I speak. Don’t know much else. But I do like to use stronger vocabulary if I can, rather than too many adjectives. As I say, I find nouns a problem – sometimes they just need to be qualified.

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