Oh what a beautiful…

Well it is. Nathan at the Writer’s codex nominated me for a Liebster Award (actually ages ago, but his questions have taken ages to invent answers answer). You can check out my answers on my Fluffy Moments page and see who I have nominated and who you should be popping over to see. They would love to have visitors and the kettle is on.


4 responses to “Oh what a beautiful…

  1. Loved learning more about you and enjoy your wonderful British humour.

  2. Pat, how exciting, A, that you have been awarded the Liebster Award – congratulations, and B that you’ve so kindly nominated me. Thank you so much. The trouble is I’m so incompetent, I can’t find anywhere to click your Fluffy Moments to find out more about it… where or what is Fluffy Moments? with apologies, Valerie

    • Hi Valerie, no you’re not incompetent, I should have said that it is a page – listed at the top of my blog posts. I keep all my awards there (that wasn’t meant to sound so grand, but come to think of it, it has a nice ring!). And you just copy what I wrote and then adjust it to suit you. At least that’s what I do for these things. Don’t think there is a central hub to get info from. If you would like the badge, then you need to pop over to The Writer’s Codex, link on that page, because he is more competent that I am with such things and I couldn’t pick it up. I’m not very efficient with such things, but if you can do it I bow to your superior knowledge.

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