The BIC Files

The BIC Files. You’ve probably all seen this by now, but I can’t resist reblogging it.


6 responses to “The BIC Files

  1. The only difference I see in these pens and my favorite Uniball pens is that Uniball had the good sense to NOT say their pens were specifically for women. Frankly, I find a good pen and the guys in my house steal it. So, now I buy pens in girly colors ’cause they even steal the bright green and light blue ones. Pink? Not so much. Now, when I grab for a pen it’s right where I put it the last time I used it.

    • I just like pens. Would steal ’em if they were left lying around, sorry, but ’tis true.
      But in return small children come and nick mine, especially if they are pink so I keep pink, fluo green and blue in my pencil case, and silver too, but that’s for them. For preference I like a fatter pen, with a cosy soft bit in the middle.
      Acquired one recently..not telling where from…

      • Now that’s just cruel. I have very small hands, so a fat pen isn’t very comfortable, but I like the idea of the cosy bit. Silver, too! Glitter is good, very good!

        • No, didn’t mean to be cruel 🙂 – just explaining why I don’t use these. Had a very favourite pink pen once and it was pinched by a certain small person. And I have small hands to, but am obviously quite ham fisted because I do like a fat pen. And my writing is enormous, so maybe that’s why.

  2. This is truly funny–I saw it the other day.

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