Awards, awards!

I have been nominated for an award: the One Lovely Blog Award is mine. Sean O. Murphy from Very Novel has nominated me.

Thank you very much Sean. I am honoured.

Sean has a lovely blog and would love you to drop by and see what he is up to. He is running a great series on planning your platform, so you will no doubt find him very helpful as well as interesting. He is at

Do check on the details on my Fluffy Moments Page – there are lots of lovely blogs nominated and linked there.


I also need to say thank you to Tersia Burger of who has nominated me for another award. The Silver Quill. I love the idea of a Silver Quill and I am chuffed (dead delighted if you don’t know the expression!) to be so nominated. However, rather than screw the two awards into one, I  propose to postpone my Silver Quill for a day or two, so I hope no one will mind. In the meantime, please do check out her deeply moving blog. It will make you think.

10 responses to “Awards, awards!

  1. Congratulations! I’ll be checking out those two blogs 😀

  2. Yeah! Yahoo! Yippee! & Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations!!! You are an amazing writer and deserve all awards and accolades!

    • That is kind of you to say so. I don’t always feel that my stuff passes muster, so I am truly amazed when others enjoy it. Especially when most of my stuff is so completely flippant and compares not at all with harrowing experiences like your own.

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