The Procrastinator’s Haiku

Much to do today

I put off from yesterday.

– Leave till tomorrow?

13 responses to “The Procrastinator’s Haiku

  1. Perfect,as I’m faced with the blogs from yesterday, and it’s 10.15 at night.
    Leave till tomorrow?

  2. I’ve “caught” what you have……

  3. That made me smile – I keep putting too much on my to-do list, and I’ve done it again today.

  4. Sadly, this seems to be my new theme…

  5. love it pat! Gosh, I write haikus everyday. The are funny because I always think they should be about water or air or earth, but they always sounding more about work than nature. lol, too funny thanks for sharing!

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    • Hi – thanks for the link. Much appreciated, glad you liked it.
      Looked at your post and very much enjoyed it. Will come and camp out on your blog soon to see what else you have there.

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