The gift that keeps on giving… Awards

I am ever so slightly embarrassed.

And a bit pink. No, not just because it is very hot today, but because I am feeling the whole cheese. And I may just have to have my doors widened a little to get my head through. Keyhole shaped. My bottom half is staying the same. Remember the ambitions: to be a published writer, stylishly minimalist and thin. So the bottom stays small and the head bit needs to be enlarged. I am wittering on, aren’t I? It’s just how the embarrassment is taking me this morning. Bear with me.

The reason?

I have been nominated for ahem – another award. No, wait, two awards. Well, the same award twice. Three times actually, but I’ve already sorted one once, if you see what I mean. Which is pretty incredible for someone who is so dumb she can’t always get the award logos on her blog. I have managed to do it a couple of times, but then I forget how and have to go and look it all up again.

But I digress –

Marla Rose Brady has a lovely blog – do go and check her out. Interesting reading (even if she does like Fight Club – but then what do I know? I’m not a big cinema freak and the film has many admirers).

So Marla – did I tell you her website? Yes, I did – have you been to take a look yet? – Marla nominated me about a minute after I just finished writing my post about getting the award from Very Novel (he’s over at and at first I was too embarrassed and said maybe she should put someone else forward, but then I thought, he ho, why not? So I am delighted to say thank you to Marla.

And then just as I’m getting used to the idea of being nominated again, up pops The Writer’s Codex ( to tell me he is nominating me as well! Now that’s a site that should get you going, lots of interesting stuff to read, but don’t be put off by the sign he has up at the moment – Under Construction. Little men at work behind the scenes shoving widgets from A to B and back again.  So, doing my academy awards thing and not a tear in sight – just a cheesy grin – thank you to The Writer’s Codex.

For more information on how I am going to divulge more (riveting) things about myself and to whom I am going to give this award, please go to Fluffy Moments, where I keep such secrets.

4 responses to “The gift that keeps on giving… Awards

  1. That is fantastic! You deserve it. 🙂

  2. I love your blog Pat. Yes, Fight Club is pretty crass, but unfortunately I can’t help but love it! LOL. And you have a good blog going, I am not surprised a lot of people nominated you. You write good stuff and it’s nice to have another writer out there trying to get business done. 🙂 ❤

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