Positively not that rejection thing again…



I think yesterday I forgot why I write.

I needed a little reminder and in its clever way, life and the universe have set out to remind me. The prompts have been many and various, climbing out of the woodwork to bang me on the head.

This one is a good example.http://www.livewritethrive.com/2012/04/09/644/

And I didn’t go searching, it came looking for me. All I have to say to the universe is thank you for the timely kick.

Whilst I write to be read, I also write because that is who I am, because I have little alternative if I want to be able to live with myself.  So, whatever happens, however many times someone decides my writing is a load of old rubbish, I’m still going to be doing it and still going to be shoving it out there at them.

Maybe at some point someone will say ‘Oh, all right then!’ just to shut me up!

14 responses to “Positively not that rejection thing again…

  1. She’s baaaack! Good for you Pat!

  2. We really need to have a sit down…just you and me…and drinks…with sweets.

    Well done, Sweet-Tea.

  3. I don’t think you can really call yourself a writer unless you’ve had a few of those “Come to Jesus” meetings with yourself. Way to go. 🙂

    • Oh, believe me this is not the first time.
      I always get so blasted by rejection.
      I have considerable consolation for others when they are rejected, tell them it happens, not to get down, blah blah, but I’m hopeless.
      Never mind.
      As you say, given myself a good talking to!!

  4. All the best things come to us and knock us on the head. Fantastic news.

  5. I always dismiss a rejection letter by imagining some flunky behind a desk, with my MS in one hand, blindly fumbling for his reading specs with his other.
    As I tick them off my list I think ‘They’ve no idea WHAT they’ve just passed up – one day, when I’m a global phenomenon, they’ll be kicking themselves.’
    Yeah, I know it’s unlikely, but it makes me feel a tiny bit better.

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