What are the Top 50 Blogs for Authors?

Congratulations – very well deserved.

The Artist's Road

The Artist’s Road turns two years old next month, and I’ve received some pretty fishy emails during this run, such as people wanting to pay me to run their blog posts. I always decline; my readers aren’t for sale. Yesterday I was told I was named a Top 50 Blog for Authors. I was immediately skeptical. Perhaps they tell this to every blogger, then, when the would-be victim is buttered up, they go in for the hard sell.

But when I checked out the site and saw the other bloggers that were listed, I realized that, whatever the motivation of Tribal Messenger Daily, the award-giving site, I was in pretty good company. Some of my favorite bloggers are there, like Elizabeth Craig, Kristen Lamb, Jane Friedman, Anne R. Allen, Rachelle Gardner, and Write to Done (which last December named me a Top Ten…

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