Is that you driving me mad?

Peace at last…

Rather than ‘driving me mad’, I ought to have written ‘parking me mad’. I often post a gratuitous picture, but that one is necessary for calming purposes. I need a nice peaceful landscape with no cars.

Please excuse me while I have a little rant…

Now, don’t get me wrong. We have a car, although I don’t have one of my own any more. Since I gave up work I can’t afford to run one and because I live within fifty yards of a bus stop and near enough to town to walk, we no longer need two. But our beat up Volvo is invaluable and I am not car-bashing here.

What I am bashing is parking, which seems to have dominated the last week.

For instance, I went into town yesterday, walking as I’ve already established. And parked across the corner where two paths join, was a car. A nice newish white car right across the pavement. This was at the corner of  a small road where people often park at the side. Added to which there was a huge empty drive immediately in front of the house where presumably this person was visiting. I was about two hours in town and the vehicle was still there when I came back. I can walk around this obstruction with no problem, but there is a blind lady who lives not far away. She might have walked into it. Mums with prams would have to push them out into the road to get around it. Why would someone park like that?

Later, we watched a young guy pull up at the side of the road to use his phone. Right across someone’s drive. With a car attempting to back out. The (very patient) woman waited and waited until eventually the young man finished his conversation and drove away. The home owner was then able to leave her drive.

A friend of mine has a small business with a small private car park for his customers adjacent to a lovely public footpath down by the river. It’s a great place for walkers. It’s also about 200 yards from the public car park, but he regularly has people park their car in his car park (sometimes they ask first) before going for their walk. They’re going for a walk. Is the extra 200 yards going to kill them?

At the supermarket, with the car this time, I found parking was not easy because some people insist on taking up more than one space. Bad manners or inept driving?

And while on the subject of the supermarket, everyone parks on top of the shop. We’re all too fat, we all moan that we can’t get enough exercise, that we haven’t got enough time and so on, so why not walk a bit further to the store? It’s not as if we have to carry the shopping – it’s in the trolley when we come out. We only have to push it.

Ok. Rant over. Back to writing!


12 responses to “Is that you driving me mad?

  1. Ooohhh! Sounds like something that would irk The Slo-Man!

  2. Bad parkers seem to be all over the world!

  3. When people drive they are just horrible with manners… well, most people. I can’t wait until they make it illegal to be on a cell phone and drive at the same time. It’s crazy on this side of the pond!

    Hope all is well. Keep on plugging away at the writing!


  4. Life without cars would be so wonderful. But, they are convenient, especially for long treks. I no longer have to fight city traffic – we just moved to a small town, so I don’t get as irked as I used to with other drivers. It is much better for my blood pressure. I’ve found that a good rant once in a while clears the air for greater things to happen. Happy Writing!

  5. Great rant. I totally agree! People need to be more courteous on the roads and parking. I always walk to the shops (and have nearly been run down several times!)

  6. Sometimes a good rant is like Liquid Plumber, it unstops creative block and makes everything feel better.

  7. Whenever I feel like ranting about cars I remember that I’m so thankful that we don’t have to use horses any more and see them ill-treated and worked to death!!!

    • I suppose that’s true, but it isn’t the cars I ranting about really is it? It’s their owners. Maybe the owners would be the same thoughtless ones who would ill-treat their horses. Unfortunately, I think if you’re thoughtless in one direction, you’re more likely to be thoughtless in another. However, rant over!

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