The Pig and the Lark


I really think it’s quite absurd for a farmyard pig to marry a bird.

(I must admit I’ve never heard of a great big pig going to live with a bird).

Don’t be silly – what are you thinking?

Pigs are dirty – your nest will be stinking.

It’s a silly idea, you are quite mad,

It will never work, you will both be sad.

But the pig and the lark felt quite sure

that if they lived apart their lives would be poor.

‘Dearest Lark,’ said the pig to the bird as he passed,

‘Our love is meant and I’m sure it will last.’

‘Oh, Pig,’ said the lark landing on the sty.

‘If we must part, I’m sure I will cry.’

So the ancient old horse married the pair

at the bottom of the hayloft stair

and then all the animals sang and danced,

the lark twittered and the pig pranced

until the moon rose up and they needed a rest.

And the lark began her biggest test.


9 responses to “The Pig and the Lark

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  2. Ah, a lark to brighten the beginning of the work day:) Thank you:)

  3. “I really think it’s quite absurd for a farmyard pig to marry a bird.” Best. Opening. Ever.

    As a kid I always thought it was absurd that a frog was dating a pig, but that wasn’t the weirdest couple on the Muppets, there was Gonzo (whatever he was) and a chicken. Hmm… 🙂

    • My childhood was peppered with verse from Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Hilaire Belloc and Spike Milligan. I’ve never grown out of it. And now I love the Liverpool poets and others with the wit and imagination not to take themselves too seriously. John Hegley’s Miserable Malcolm is one of my favourites.
      Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. To each one’s own; who’s to say to live what way?
    Not to judge the pig & lark is a fine & good, legitimate start.
    Well done poetry; the “biggest test” part is certain to be coming from the voice of experience…

    • Not lived with a pig, so no real experience! Just think he might make a bit of a mess of her tiny nest! 🙂

      • In re: ‘voice of experience’ (“and the lark began her biggest test”)
        Was meant that you may have experienced the common difficulties associated with any relationship, not only marital. Thanks for your very clever poem, into which I may have been reading too much? I’m a new follower & trying desperately to catch up after a technical difficulty that took quite some time for Askimet to correct…

        • Er, one glass of wine with my dinner and now I can’t read anything into anything.
          Nice to have you around Lindy Lee. Thank you for following. Pull up a chair. Kettle is on, have sent out for buns.
          Will pop over to camp out on your blog soon. Maybe when the wine’s worn off a bit!

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