That Brand New Award

Award Ceremony in Progress. As you can see, the red carpet is out, the plonk has been plonked ready for vino collapso in a while and there is an air of hush about the place. The guests of honour are due to arrive at any moment and the paparazzi are poised, cameras at the ready.

The limousine draws up and from it steps – “Who is she?” I hear you ask.

“It’s me, it’s me,” I cry, but my voice is drowned in the storm of protest.

“We don’t know you, we’ve never seen you before.”

Look, think back, before the stylist got hold of me and crimped my hair to within an inch of bald-ity, stuck enough lippy on me to fill a kilo jam pot, and trussed me into this nightmare frock stuck together with safety pins and masking tape, teetering on seven-inch platform heels, all courtesy of Mr. A. Designer. Usually to be found wearing paint-stained jeans, white t-shirt and a beige cardie, hair shoved into a band – now do you -? Oh, you do. (Mental note, not very flattering, must do something about that…)

“But what are you doing on the red carpet?”

That’s a good question and one into which I’ve decided not to delve too far. I’m just saying ‘Thank you’ in my best-est, most modest-est fashion. My lovely blogging friend Andrew Toynbee has invented a Brand New Award and he has nominated me to receive it. His new award is called the Most Helpful Blogger Award. He should really have nominated himself, because he is one, but he has nominated a bunch of us lesser mortals instead including li’l ol’ me! Hooray! Hence all the fanfare and stuff. What do you mean, you didn’t hear a fanfare? I ordered it, you can’t have been listening. Wake-y, wake-y. Andrew Toynbee. got it? So do pop over there and have a look. He has a great blog, with loads of connections to other great sites too.

I am very grateful for his kind nomination. He has been very helpful to me with many kind words of encouragement (and even a new name!) I haven’t done the badge-thing yet – you know how bad I am with that technical sort of stuff. But I promise to try and remember what to do.

So now, all you lovelies who have been so helpful to me, it’s your turn to don the killer-heels and get on the red carpet of fame. I’m not going to be able to name all of you, so many apologies for everyone I forget and omit, and I might decide to add a couple in a week or so instead of banging them all out at once.

Most of these have been there pretty much from the beginning, so are my absolute stalwarts. And I’m pretty sure I know at least one of those I have nominated doesn’t accept awards, but I’m going to list anyway, because it is well deserved, so it comes with an apology – you know who you are and you needn’t do anything if you don’t want to – so here for starters, another fanfare please for: Because you’re always so lovely and supportive (and bring nice cakes too!) who so charmingly re-tweets my humble offerings who came in at the start and still wasn’t put off for great comments and his super  series on platforms for her support and encouragement for so much support above and beyond the call

and Andrew should really be in here too, because he’s been there pretty much from the start. So thank you for all your help as well as for the award!

Three cheers for the nominations…. Hip hip…

Another fanfare please for the winners of the Most Helpful Blogger Award!








18 responses to “That Brand New Award

  1. Congratulations! Well deserved!!!

  2. Support you? Of course, of course, she said grinning from ear-to-ear!! Your words keep me on the straight, albeit narrow path, and out of deep and soggy ditches. Your words keep me dreaming that I may be half as good as you…someday. Your words keep you walking on water whilst I oar like a mad woman trying to keep up with your quick humorous steps, and long meaningful strides.

    Put the kettle on, Sweet-Tea, I’m baking today……………..3ish?

  3. thanks a million times for the honour Pat. Congratulations!

    • Pink with embarrassment, but it’s a nice feeling. Should really have nominated a load more people, but maybe I will sneak a few more in over the next week or so. 🙂

      • Vikki (The View Outside)

        Ha ha ha, that’s the trouble with awards though isn’t it….you want to pass them on to EVERYONE! 😉


        • Actually, yes, I always do. I feel terrible when I leave someone out. Afterwards, I always think, oh, grief, I should have included…. Think in future, I might just say, Hi, you’ve all won an award. Hooray!

  4. Congratulations blog award snatcher!! Keep them coming, we would keep with the fanfare. 🙂 Best wishes to you and all them other fellow awardees… 🙂

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