I am so spoiled – another Award!

So the Red Carpet stays down for a bit longer folks. Still more tea and buns. We’ve sent out for doughnuts now and also some of those little French Fancies with flowers on. Because: (Fanfare please)

Sharon at http://woosha8poetry.wordpress.com/ has very kindly nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award, for which I can only say Thank you and blush suitably. This comes hot-foot on top of my previous award and leaves me slightly breathless and with nothing to wear for the ceremony. My jeans are more disreputable than usual and the beige cardie is in the wash. I do have a clean white T shirt (let’s face it, I have a drawer full of white T shirts) and I shall pair that with my newest PJ bottoms. They have Mickey Mouse printed all over them, but I’m sure he won’t mind the red carpet treatment. Sharon writes great poems and if you pop over there and check out some of them you will not be disappointed. She is definitely a Beautiful Blogger.

Hey I seem to have managed to put the badge on! What about that!

Sharon wants me to reveal seven things about myself. I’ve already revealed quite a lot, so you all probably know more about me than I do, but here goes:

1. I once had my hair cut to half an inch all over and then hated it. (But it did get me the part of Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream – school production, don’t get too excited).

2. I have a bit of a thing for ankle boots and own eight pairs. Practically barefoot come summer though.

3. I love to dance. I’m not big on music as wallpaper, but at a dance I cannot sit still, my feet just will not let me.

4. I fancy myself as a bit of a photographer and take hundreds of photos wherever I go (even though loads of them are rubbish!), but hate having my photo taken.

5. I always save wrapping paper, tissue and all bags from presents, sometimes ironing it to make it look like new.

6. I stop watches. Even digital ones are not safe on my wrist.

7. I make great Sticky Toffee Pudding. Come on over and try it out!

Now here is where I get to nominate other people:


I left some off the other day when I was choosing nominees for the previous award, so now I get the chance to tell you about a few more.  If I leave you off again I am very very sorry. I can’t keep all you lovely people in my head! These are all great bloggers, all very different, and you will have a great time if you pop over and see them. Some have photos, some write about writing, some write about life, some are new friends, but all are very interesting. So I suggest you check out:















So there we are. Some great bloggers, all deserving of the Beautiful Blogger Award. I do hope you will go and take a look at them. They really deserve their award and your visit.

Thank you again to Sharon for her kind nomination. I will do my best to be a Beautiful Blogger!



34 responses to “I am so spoiled – another Award!

  1. Well done – another well deserved award. You will need to invest in a (faux) ermine-trimmed Tee shirt!!

    • Ermine-trimmed T shirts? Oh, I say, might be fun. Perhaps I’d better get making them for all the guests! Wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out.
      Reckon I could do a fancy line in those. 🙂

  2. Well deserved! Well done!!

    • Thank you – not sure it’s true, but I appreciate the thoughts behind it. People are so lovely.
      You included.
      Actually, I nearly included you in my list, but wasn’t sure how you would feel about that??? I know how you use your blog, so – appropriate for you – welcome or would you prefer not?

  3. Ooh and I share your love for ankle boots. 🙂

  4. Thank you very much. This means a lot! I love boots too but I try to control myself 🙂

  5. reflectionsonlifethusfar

    Congrats! Are there rules besides mentioning who nominated you and 7 things about yourself? How many other bloggers do I nominate? Sorry for the questions. I have gotten two before but not this one and instructions sometimes aren’t included! Thanks for nominating me 😀

  6. Thank you for the nomination Pat, I’m flattered. 🙂

  7. Congratulations!

    Thank you so much! 🙂


  8. Congrats once again! You deserve these awards.

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