Beautiful Blogger and then some

I left someone off my Beautiful Blogger Award list.

I wasn’t sure she would like the award and I was daft enough to think she might not. That’s because I’m thick and didn’t see that she has others. She would have and she should have and so I’m doing what I should have done in the first place and including her. And she deserves a post of her own, so in a way this is good.

Her blog is never easy to read, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable.

So Tersia Burger, I hereby nominate you for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  This is her latest post. It is beautiful and poetic and truthful and hard to read.

2 responses to “Beautiful Blogger and then some

  1. I am honored and humbled. Thank you Pat. You are such a wonderfully talented writer that it is truly a phenomenal honor to be nominated by someone of your stature.

    • On the contrary – you deserve it. Probably no one deserves it more. You have a great blog, which has great depth and purpose and you manage it very well.

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