Is that light shining in my eyes a Spotlight?

Wow I think it is! I have been spotlit! And spoilt again, which is very nearly an anagram.

And the badge came up beautifully just by cutting and pasting. Wow! Even I could do it.


That lovely Nicole over at has this lovely award called Spotlight which she gives out at the beginning of each month. You don’t have to do anything to get it, it’s her very own award and she makes the decision. I have looked at her Spotlight-ed blogs several times in the last few months and found some really interesting things to read.

The odd name for her blog she says is ‘ The first three letters, NMN, are my initials and PHX is the abbreviation for Phoenix, AZ which is my hometown’. She has a great blog: very versatile. She is fond of looking the Spam and brilliant at finding something to blog about in there, whereas I usually just delete the stuff as irrelevant. Nicole’s blog is also a showcase for her writing as well as a way of making her get on with it, both of which I can identify with. If you haven’t already, do go over there and check it out.

Thank you again Nicole. You are very kind and I am delighted to be given your award.

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