The Booker Award – no, not that one!

It’s Awards time again folks. The Red Carpet is down, the press are here and all we need is for you to grab a glass and prepare to have a good time. No doughnuts today. Far too ordinary. The table is laden with tiny little bite-sized meringues and bloomin’ great burgers. Not necessarily in that order. Take your pick. The Zen Lady over at nominated me for this award back in October, but I’ve been madly busy, so I must apologise to her for the delay.


See how clever I have become at putting those ol’ badges on my site now (actually, I can do them if I can cut and paste ’em. It’s the clever ones you have to add to the Media that have me foxed).

The guidelines are to list the top five books I’ve read and what I’m currently reading.

Well, that’s a stretch for a start. Only five? But then on Desert Island Discs they only let you take one, so I suppose I should be pleased with the five. However, if I have to condense my favourites down so far, then this is going to sound extremely weird. The mix is going to be somewhat eclectic and you will think you have wandered into Wonderland – although maybe you’ll be getting used to that if you’ve been around this blog for any length of time.

  1. The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Just brilliant. Funny and sad and predictable, but wonderful anyway.
  2. Edward Lear’s Complete Verse and Other Nonsense. Hilarious and I’ve owned a copy ever since I can remember.
  3. Now we are six by A. A. Milne I know I’m not six, but who could resist Sneezles and Nanny let my Beetle Out?
  4. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson which took me forever to read in short stints but I was triumphant and it was worth it.
  5. Dracula by Bram Stoker. I read this as a teenager and loved it. A recent visit to Whitby meant it had to be read again. Great toe-curling fun.

Had to sit on my hand for a minute there not to add a few dozen more. Five is so few, don’t you think? So you won’t mind if I throw in the complete works of Oscar Wilde and the Philip Pullman Dark Materials Trilogy and – oh, OK! I won’t – no more.

And then what I’m currently reading. Well actually, I’ve just finished:

Write to be published by Nicola Morgan – very good How-to book which I read hot on the heels of her Tweet Right, the sensible person’s guide to Twitter. (See how I snuck an extra book in there! – Oh be quiet, it won’t hurt!).

and immediately before that I was reading A Construct of Angels by Andrew Toynbee, who is a blogger on here. And very good it was too. Well done Andrew. Available for your Kindle at Amazon. And possibly other e-readers, not sure.

Then I have to choose five other blogs based on me seeing them as ‘a fellow book lover (paper or electronic) and well read in general’. I always find this part very hard, because I like to nominate everybody. And that’s what I would do left to me. But, with just five in mind:


There – five brilliant blogs by five brilliant bloggers. Well done all over you and all of you reading whom you know I would love to nominate, but I’m only allowed five. (Well, it’s your own fault, you shouldn’t have shouted when I wanted to add a couple of extra books. I would have added you in a trice).

That’s it folks. The speeches are finished. All that remains is for you to pull up a chair, kick off those high heels that are so uncomfortable and enjoy the rest of the party. Cheers! Have a lovely day.

14 responses to “The Booker Award – no, not that one!

  1. Working on response to L&L. Be patient, please. Congrats on the Booker!!

  2. Well done and well deserved!

  3. Thank you, Pat! Very fun – I’ll have to think really hard to narrow it down to five.

  4. Thank you! I’m going to do my response and nominations today.

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  6. And great choices and congratulations too 🙂

  7. What a lovely idea for an award – well done, what a great and eclectic taste in books, if I may say so. I’ve been away travelling and working, so only just came across this now. Thank you so much for nominating me – I hope to accept it later this week!

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