Of obsession, making felt and tea

It’s only Tuesday and it’s been an odd week thus far for a variety of reasons.

making felt

Writing/editing my short story competition entry and revising my novel have both had to take a back seat again, which is very frustrating.

There have been definite highs – my tea comments are plastered (in the nicest possibly way!) all over the website at  http://janewenhamjones.wordpress.com/ along with my photo, if you please. I feel quite the celebrity. Fifteen minutes of fame is mine and I claim it here. TADA! 🙂 I went ridiculously pink when I saw it and all because of a couple of bags of tea. Stop laughing, it’s unkind to mock. And apparently Tea Pigs – I’m spelling it properly now: didn’t think they had the space between those words and they do – Tea Pigs have offered a discount if bloggers buy their teas, but you will have to pop over to Jane’s website to get the code. Haha – that might make you visit. I know how to hit you in your pockets. 🙂

The old felt making has reared its head again, preventing me from getting on with my writing. I have to tick along with it all the time in a low-key way, but my final craft fair for this year is at the end of the month and I have a commission at the moment for a hat. And it is the last, the absolute and positively last time I involve myself in a commission. Especially for a hat. There are so many variables. My vision of what it should look like may be very different to my customer’s. There are always sizing problems with felt because the stuff shrinks so much in the making, around 30-40%, so the mathematical challenge of sizing someone’s head and producing the hat you intended would defy the combined brain power of Euclid and Pythagoras, which I do not possess.

And when someone says ‘blue’, it fills me with dread. There always seem to be more shades of blue than of any other colour. Any shade from ice to midnight, ranging from greenish-yellow hues across to almost purple. Take a trip to your local paint shop and ask to see the colour cards for mix it up on the spot paints to see what I mean. And dyeing is not an exact science. Which is one way of saying I don’t often know how something will turn out. If you’re a bit slapdash with the quantities (i.e., if you’re me), you could leave the word ‘often’ out of that last sentence, so there’s no point in looking at one I made earlier and suggesting that exact same shade would be lovely.  The chances of my producing it are as remote as my deciding to bungee jump off the top of the Empire State Building any time soon. OK, maybe not that remote…..

So I’ve ended up making two, plus another one for somebody else in a more obtainable but less exciting shade of beige. That’s the end of the commissions then. And I have promised myself I will not give in again. Plus I’ve made a couple of scarves, one of which I’m so pleased with, I may end up keeping it. Or laying it out and hoping it won’t sell, which is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing that it will!

And as I’ve worked, I’ve become disillusioned with my book revisions. Confidence has waned as I’ve gone through them in my head and they may have to be consigned to under the bed along with a couple of other merit-less disasters I keep there to tell myself how much I’ve improved. Perhaps it’s time to give them a rest and allow myself to work on the new. Maybe I have become so obsessed with the idea of getting these two published that I’m not giving other things a chance. There are lots of ideas in my head and more than a couple of other things in those computer files of mine that are screaming to get out and play catch.

Something else has caught my attention this week too: have you come across the 333 challenge? No not climbing the three peaks or cycling across three countries, but the minimalist and daft idea of having 33 items of clothing to wear for 3 months. All other items to be banned apart from a few sundries like underwear and nightwear and the stuff I slum around the house in: the promoters laughably refer to this as loungewear. Have to admit that my nightwear and loungewear are often inter-changeable. A friend slung this out as a rather insulting challenge at the end of lunch yesterday suggesting I couldn’t do it. I was somewhat taken aback. When I told my lovely husband I was feeling affronted, he laughed. He said she didn’t know me very well because I’d be hard put to it to find 33 items of clothing that didn’t fit into those categories and maybe I should buy some more. I’m not sure whether to feel insulted all over again, or throw caution to the winds and go shopping.

Like I said, it’s been an odd week so far…..

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15 responses to “Of obsession, making felt and tea

  1. My 333 challenge would be to wear something else other than my 33 (or less) items of clothing over the next 3 months. I might make a bit of an effort for Christmas! What a week you’ve been having – and it’s only Tuesday!

  2. reflectionsonlifethusfar

    Wow, I don’t have 33 items of clothing unless you add in my PJs, lounge stuff, coats and underwear. My wardrobe needs an injection though so likely I’ll have to venture out and get a few items. Not for the challenge but just b/c I need them! LOL

    • I think that was what my husband was getting at. Most of my stuff is a hundred years old and very comfortable. And probably falls into the lounge stuff category. I can look smart, I promise, but shh – it’s mostly charity shop buys that a swap around!! Maybe I need to go and buy something brand new and super smart. 🙂

  3. reflectionsonlifethusfar

    Those peppermint teas sound yummy btw. Not really a fan of the liquorice and mint-I’ve had a variety of it here and didn’t enjoy it. Guess I only like the candy kind! 😉

  4. Shop. Definitely shop.

    • Properly shop, or visit the charity shop shop. Hmm. In view of John’s response, it might have to be properly shop. He wants to be careful: I could get to be very high maintenance! Huh, not!

  5. Good luck with the felt making. My daughter (the potter) will not do commissions anymore for similar reasons. The writing will return. It always does.

    • This is not the first time I have vowed no more commissions, but they are too much of a headache. I’m almost sure I told this woman I wouldn’t do it, but she insists…. She turned up wanting it at the last show and is expecting it by this one. What can you do? Say on your bike missus?. So I smile sweetly and say yes. And do my grumbling on here!! Thanks for listening. 🙂

  6. Pat i love your writing.

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