Babysitter’s haiku

Babysitting now.

But hope to post  later when

poo and nappies gone !



8 responses to “Babysitter’s haiku

    • Warning – not for the weak of stomach: I was serious about the poo bit. It was enormous, poured out and his mother and I managed to tread it through the house. don’t ask how. Not a good beginning to the day! But we recovered after a quick trip out to buy carpet shampoo!

  1. I love a good haiku.

  2. Qualified without a doubt!

  3. This gave me a good laugh! As a mum of three, I know exactly where you’re coming from. Combining poo and poetry – briliant!

    • Yes, poo and poetry. Could have done without the poo, which would have stretched over three counties. Worst bit; (yuk warning ahead – don’t read if of sensitive disposition!!!) was I trod in it and – do I need to go further. Just understand that I had to go out and buy carpet shampoo for the hall and little bedroom…..

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