Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

No I’m not miserable at all, as that title might seem to indicate. Old Macbeth was bemoaning his lot: his wife had just met a sticky end over the battlements and he was about to meet his own nemesis. Having a little whinge was only to be expected. I’m not going to whinge, just make an observation: life can be peculiar.

I posted on Tuesday (…g-felt-and-tea/) that it was a weird week and that was only Tuesday. And the week has disappeared in a flurry of I’m not sure what. Tomorrow in my case has turned itself into the day after the day after tomorrow without my really noticing.

What happened to Wednesday? I think I made felt, but I can’t be sure because I’m not totally certain that this week had a Wednesday in it. I seem to have moved from strange Monday into odd Tuesday and on to evil Thursday without the usual intervening Wednesday.

Yesterday was just one of those days. We all have them. Mine began with an exploding nappy (no, funny guy, I wasn’t wearing it. It belonged to a toddler) and it did not contain just liquid. I leave you to imagine the consequences of that. Suffice to say that it involved me in a quick trip to the shops to purchase carpet shampoo. And the day did not improve over much.  Think the toddler in question might have had bad tummy and he was consequently as bad-tempered as could be. Anyone who has or has had children will know the lengths a cross child will go to in order to avoid doing anything. Even the temptation of a lovely bus ride – normally a great incentive – was insufficient to placate the enormous green Hulk that was trying to emerge from that little body.

Yesterday was also the day to vote. Remember my post about the Police Commissioner election? If you’re interested, you can find it at…nt-and-sadness/. I was thinking about picketing, spoiling my ballot paper and generally making a nuisance of myself. I’d  completely forgotten that I would be babysitting. So…. Er, I didn’t do any of that. Instead, I walked meekly past the polling station with ‎the toddler in tow, my head lowered because I felt guilty for doing nothing. However, with said young man in the Hulk mood, I thought it was tempting Providence to attempt to go in and vote. I can only hope that the turn out for the election was so pitifully low that the whole thing has no mandate and any suggestion that we adopt the pseudo winning candidates will be abandoned. OK, I know, but a woman can dream.

Then Friday. Oops, that’s today. And that went – well, where exactly? Because I don’t seem to have done anything at all except a little bit of shopping. I haven’t done any writing, haven’t bashed any felt out, until now hadn’t written my blog,  I haven’t been anywhere near Twitter and I haven’t even had time to have a decent procrastinate.

So tell me – is this a conspiracy? Is someone pinching the days?

I said on Tuesday this was a weird week. Look as though I wasn’t wrong.


2 responses to “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

  1. I’ve had whole years like that…

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