Getting up steam and inventing a new day in the week

Getting up steam

It’s a silly fact that time for writing is in inverse proportion to the ideas you have.The Muse has been working overtime for me. Ideas abound, the notebooks are full and I’m a jolly little being with loads of ideas. I am steamed up and ready to write. However….

As you may have noticed from my blog in the last few days, ‘Life’ has been doing its thing. Isn’t it funny how when you have lots of time to write, you can’t think of anything to say? Yet when you have no time, your Muse has been having a field day inside your head and ideas abound.

Ask anyone who wants to write how they find the time and you will doubtless be met by much sighing and gnashing of teeth and explanations of how they fit it in between dental appointments and the children’s ballet classes. Ten minutes in the morning, half an hour at lunch time and an hour stolen from sleep at 4 a.m. I don’t often have to consider children (only on a Thursday), I don’t have a full-time job and I have the most sympathetic, amenable, supportive husband on the planet. This does not always mean there is time to do what I want to do. Thus:

I suggest we invent another day.

From now on there will be eight days in a week. My proposal is that we have another day – between Friday and Saturday for preference, but I’m open to suggestions. This will be called Writeday. On Writeday, all that is allowed is writing or daydreaming of writing. Staring into space will become an acceptable activity as long as it occurs at the computer or notebook. All stimulants such as caffeine will be available, plus chocolate, cake, biscuits, scones, toffees and crisps, with the addition of ice cream if required, but no meals shall be required to be served. Anyone on the planet not involved in the process of writing, or who is not prepared to support it, will be put into a state of suspended animation so that they do not disturb writers.

Now I realise that this could cause a bit of trouble with the calendar. There are only 365(6) days in the year and if we invent new ones, then we’ll have to knock them off from somewhere else. I suggest we might be able to lose February entirely. It’s not a nice month, we could re-arrange Valentine’s Day somewhere else, and I don’t think anyone would miss it. If your birthday pops up then, why not choose a lovely warm sunny day in July instead? And as 28 days will not be enough, let’s lop off half of November. The NaNoWriMo people shouldn’t mind too much because they’ll have lots of other writing days to use instead.

So how about it? All in favour of Writeday please sign up below.


12 responses to “Getting up steam and inventing a new day in the week

  1. LikeLikeLikeLike and LIKE
    That sounds like Heaven to me…the only change I would suggest would be to call it WriterRday to make it easier to say after a couple of pints (of coffee). Alternativerly, to keep it in line with the other days, we could name it Salesday (Sal-es-day) after Francis de Sales, the patron saint of writers…
    Great idea though. If we get someone from Her Majesty’s Stationery Office on our side, they could sneakily change all the calendars and diaries for next year too.

  2. I like the idea, thumbs up. I don’t think the NaNoWriMo people will mind at all (they like pressure). LOL. It is always a challenge isn’t it? I think I often have more ideas than I can write. You might be interested in a post of mine, titled, Prime-Time writing. πŸ™‚

    • Will take a look at Prime Time. Thank you for coming over. Pull up a chair and dive in the biscuit tin. Kettle is always on.
      Getting quite a few likes on this so Writeday looks as though it might be on the menu pretty soon! πŸ™‚

  3. Could I use my Writeday to hoover the floors?

  4. YES! I’m in – *sign name here*

    I know what you mean about having time to write and nothing to say – it’s like when you’ve got no money and things jump out at you to buy in the shops, and then when you’ve got money you can’t find anything good! πŸ˜€

    • Exactly the same as shopping, yes! Great, I think the day might be adopted fairly soon. Seems to be generating some waves. I can see calendars and diaries will have to be changed very soon. πŸ™‚

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