Passwords, swear words, lots of words unprintable…. and an idea

I had to change all my passwords. Why? Because I was hacked. Have you ever been hacked? It is not a pleasant experience and leaves you feeling vulnerable and hacked off.

Where did this hacking take place? On Twitter.

Twitter was very good and informed me that my account had been compromised. When it happened for a second time, I was ready. I shut down everything immediately, opening everything up with a new password. And I mean everything. On every single site that I use especially those that involve money.

It takes ages, it is very boring and it should be unnecessary. What is it about the hacker that makes him, or her, get a kick out of annoying the hell out of someone they don’t even know? Isn’t that a bit weird? No – scrap that – it’s extremely weird. You have to be some kind of first class, died in the wool idiot to want to do that, surely?

And then I had an idea for a character in my novel. I don’t know if I will use him, but he’s a hacker and he is sociopath. I don’t know if the two go together as a matter of course, but in my book, they are pretty much synonymous. He not only has a personality disorder, but will go to any lengths to hack someone’s life. Not just their computer, but their life. And the results will be devastating… not quite there yet, but I think the idea has legs.

So thank you hacker. I think you are all kinds of twit, but I am pleased to tell you that you are not an entire waste of space and good fresh air: you have given me an idea.


29 responses to “Passwords, swear words, lots of words unprintable…. and an idea

  1. ‘hacked off: unhappy, tired or annoyed, especially because of the situation you are in’ Says it all – thanks for the info as to what to do next.Good that you made ‘someone’ positive out of it all

  2. How does hacking twitter get access to other passwords?

    • Hacking twitter will have access to your email. If that is the same email you use for other places, then he has access to some of those as well. And I had duplicated passwords.
      Anyway, being hacked it does tend to make you paranoid about all your other passwords.
      It was probably overkill, but I did it anyway.

  3. Love that you found something positive in a truly horrible situation Pat.

  4. There’s a really funny German novel where the main character listens in on people’s conversations on their mobile phones (you know, those annoying people who “entertain” the whole train compartment with their sex life or their state of health?) and then gets a kick out of it by making their life difficult – of course, it all come back to him and he has to deal with all the problems, etc. It’s a very funny read though and it really makes you conscious of all the information you just give away about yourself when you talk on the phone in public. πŸ˜‰ So – yeay for your new character!

    • Yuk! The train bore. And they are so silly.
      Once sat on a train in front of a woman ordering tickets for a pop concert on her mobile phone. She kept getting cut off and ended up giving her credit card details out THREE TIMES – loudly enough for the whole carriage to hear.
      If she wasn’t taken for a ride after that, I’d be very surprised!

  5. This will be a nice way to end this story I have a Pretty award waiting over here for you πŸ™‚ Smile I am NOT THE HACKER lol I am lucky if I can get to MY OWN SITE πŸ™‚

  6. A couple of months ago I had my Microsoft live account hacked and they made several charges to my account. I know what you mean about aggravation. I’m glad you got it straightened out. πŸ™‚

    • I got quite paranoid is what I got.
      It does make you look at what you’re doing on the web and the way you’re doing it. Maybe I was a bit complacent before.
      Now I’ve gone to the opposite extreme πŸ™‚

  7. This is SO annoying – I’m really glad you managed to get something positive out of the experience. Someone hacked my gmail account a few months ago and I had to change all my passwords. GRRRR 😦

    • Yes, it’s the email that is the problem. So much goes through the email it’s a worry.
      Now I am paranoid. Grr indeed!!

      • I was paranoid for a while and kept thinking ‘why me?’ Identity theft really worries me and when I had my bag stolen last year (from my kitchen while I was home) with EVERYTHING in it I have been concerned ever since. I was hoping it was just one of the local junkies looking for quick cash and nothing more insidious than that – fingers crossed, nothing seems to have come of it yet 😦

        • Grief – how very scary!
          I think I am a bit paranoid about identity theft – it seems to happen all too easily.
          But we can’t just closet ourselves away and not use the internet so I suppose it’s just a fact of life.


  9. What a nuisance! Having just had to change all passwords etc. for stolen laptop purposes, I know just how annoying it can be – especially since it takes me forever to remember a new password and you are not supposed to use the same one for everything… I hope this won’t happen again – and I hope that he meets a horrible end in your novel!

    • A horrible end? – I think I can manage that: mwhahahahaha! You can be sure of it!!
      Don’t see how I can remember all those passwords. I have about twenty four! Mad and maddening isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  10. Can one be hacked & not know it?

    • Er – I have no idea.
      Wouldn’t surprise me. My Google account was hacked a while back and I didn’t know, but Google did – they emailed me on a different email and froze the account until I went back on with their new password.
      But I don’t know how long the ‘hacked bit’ lasted, if you see what I mean. Something happened during the night and I woke up to the email. Might have been only minutes.

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