Awards: Inspiration and Gargoyles!



I am always both proud and a bit humble when I get nominated for awards.

I look at what I produce on here and wonder. I still feel like a newbie, though I began back at the end of  July, so it’s getting on for five months now. I have met some great people who write real gems. I probably spend far too much time reading and discovering all you lovely bloggers, but you are all so fascinating and you captivate me with your wit and sadness, horror and joy. The diversity astounds me. Though I try to stick to only those subjects that interest me (er, that’s nearly everything on the planet, so very, very difficult), no two blogs are alike. I keep devouring the Reader, finding new people, new things, new ideas. I try to pass on some of the treasures I discover, but really, I could find something to re-blog at least once every single day.

Have I ever mentioned that I like gargoyles?

Probably not. I don’t suppose it’s ever come up, but now it has in the shape of a Gargie Award. I understand from Nicole at NMNPHX that The Gargie is a creation of blogger gargoylebruce from the blog thebookshelfgargoyleNicole nominated me for the Gargie and not only was I very honoured, as I always am when someone nominates me for something ( always totally undeserved, so extra brilliant), but it gave me a great laugh as well. Passing it on is also a bit of a giggle. Nicole is a bit of a giggle too and her blog is worth camping out on for a good read. I expect if you pop and see her she will stick the kettle on and may produce some biscuits too. Yes, NMNPHX is an odd name for a blog. It’s because – nah, not going to tell you! So the more curious of you will have to go and find out why!  She has a great writing style and you will not be disappointed. Thank you Nicole.

So The Gargie: the rules of this award are:

1. Display the award badge prominently  on your site….if you want. Managed to do that – see above.

2. Publish a post to inform the world of your great achievement…..unless you can’t be bothered. Er – It takes me a while, but I do get to do these things eventually….. so here it is!

3. Nominate some fellow bloggers (who have been outstanding in their field…figuratively or literally)….if you feel inclined. Now, hang on. You’ll just have to wait a minute, because there is more.

4. Indicate to your nominees that they have received the award….provided you have completed step three. See above: just a minute or two more.

Anyone who has been paying attention to my scribbles will know that I am a teeny bit of a maverick and I like to do things my way, so this award, with its laissee-faire, as-you-like-it attitude appeals to me immensely. I can nominate someone if I like, but there is no set number (Er, I usually make up the number anyway, depending upon how I feel…) so I can do as I like (Probably would have anyway, if I’m honest….)

But – there is more:  Eunice and Living and Lovin nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Now Eunice is one of the most inspired bloggers I have come across, so this is quite something. Her blog is very diverse and difficult to pigeon-hole. You need to bounce on that link really hard and take yourself over to see the talent sprinkled through there. Thank you Eunice. I am delighted to accept.



Please note how I have managed to get both badges on my blog (yes, I know these were just cut and paste jobs, but sometimes it doesn’t work. No, it doesn’t work all the time. I don’t know why. It just doesn’t, that’s all.) Where was I? – oh yes, badges. Up there. Two of them.


To comply with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, I need to give seven facts about myself.

  1. I don’t like nuts. Except peanuts. Which aren’t really a nut anyway. They’re not. Look it up if you don’t believe me.
  2. I adore pineapple, but can’t eat it. Gives me migraine. No idea why, but it does.
  3. I make wonderful gravy. My husband is a northerner and gravy has to be plentiful and THICK.  Almost stand a spoon in it thick. Day 2 -and there had better be a day 2 with the gravy – you can slice it with a knife.
  4. I have a little lion screen wipe. He sits on my desk and watches me while I write.
  5. I cook on an ancient cooker. Bought as a stop gap for £30 when we first moved in because we had a built-in at the previous house. It’s still here five years on. And I love it.
  6. Blue eyes.
  7. Pink nail polish on my toes.

Now to pass on the award:

If you have managed to read this far, then you get the Gargie. Yes, you do. It’s my award and I can do what I like with it. Please take the Gargie and pass it along to whomsoever (like that? Whomsoever?) you please. I think it’s a great idea and I like the little photo. So it is yours. And I love the fact that I can nominate you all, because I always want to do that and usually I can’t. So this is such a great opportunity for me. Pretty please accept it …  I will be upset if I don’t see loads of Gargie’s floating around on the ether. And I will come by to check… (Mwahahaha!)

I will stick (somewhat) to the convention of the Very Inspiring Blogger and nominate as follows:


If your name is not there, it is simply because I have run out of time and I was determined to finish to finish this post by midday. (And I have just failed). So I hope you will know that I value your comments, your input, your brilliant posts and the fact that you keep coming back to read more.

I thank you for your perseverance in getting to the bottom of this and many other of my madder posts and ask you to accept the Gargie with my love and gratitude. If your name is there and you would prefer the Gargie, then so be it.

Thanks for reading – over and out.



26 responses to “Awards: Inspiration and Gargoyles!

  1. Thanks so much and you are very welcome

  2. Congratulations on your well-deserved awards Pat! And thank you so much for my nomination, Very happy to accept:)

  3. Wow that’s a great bunch of awards you got! Congrats 🙂

  4. Love your post! Like you, I don’t like pineapple, but I can make a mean gravy. But my toes are currently colorless–winter in Ohio and all.

    I like your method of passing on the Gargie, and it’s nice to see an award I haven’t encountered before. Since I read through the post, I may just have to consider taking this one in the future, only because I have a lovely/ugly gargoyle in my front yard. It’s kind of a way to snub my nose at our community’s home and yard requirements. 😉

  5. Pat, once again – Well done!! It is a well deserved award!

  6. I love how you did this…Gargie’s for all!

  7. Thank you, my dear, for another honor in the form of your own,
    special “Gargie Award”. Will comply with rules ASAP…

  8. Am returning the love! I have nominated you for the Reality Blog which I hope you will accept. Your link is here: 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn – I am greatly honoured and of course I accept, but I do have to say that I am so-ooo behind on awards, so I hope you won’t mind if it takes me a while?
      Thank you very much for thinking of me! 🙂

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  10. Congratulations on being both Outstanding in your field and Very Inspiring! I’d accept your Gargie too, but as I created it, that would be a bit cheeky 😉

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