Movers and Shakers

My writing stalled this week-end because I spent the whole time moving. Not house, just beds.

We decided that we needed a new bed and after searching for and finding the one we wanted, we ordered it. But – it meant moving the other beds in the house around. Our bed isn’t yet past it so we decided to recycle it into the back bedroom, the back bedroom beds would move to the little bedroom and the little bedroom – are you getting the picture here?

So in order to accommodate one new bed, we disrupted three entire bedrooms. Not to mention most of the rest of the house as well, somehow. Why is it that when one room is in chaos, the whole house seems to turn upside down?

The bed arrived yesterday. Perfect. We spent yesterday afternoon sorting out our room – don’t ask why it took so long – I have no idea. And today, we spent most of it sorting out the other two rooms. I know why these took an age: we had to change the rooms around completely in order to accommodate beds which were totally different sizes to the ones we took out. Anyone want to buy the two single beds we have left over?

It is all finished now and so am I. I am exhausted. Why didn’t I just buy a new mattress and throw the old one out? Good question. I do not have a good answer.

I hear that the life of a mattress is about ten years. I do hope that’s right and I also hope that next time it is just the mattress and I don’t get any bright ideas about complete new beds.

Excuse me – I need to go and lie down.


10 responses to “Movers and Shakers

  1. LOL! I love the way you have to go and lie down now 😉 It’s really disruptive moving things around rooms, but once its done you feel a great sense of achievement.

    Happy snoozing! 😀

    • Hmm. Well I have achieved something because one bedroom is OK, but everywhere else is still a bit of a mess. And the little bedroom is still full of beds.
      The trouble is one thing led to another and I started clearing out stuff at the same time. A very bad idea.
      Never mind. At the moment I have shut the door on it and am ignoring it! 🙂

  2. I hate moving. We are thinking of getting new floors. EVERYthing we own will need to be moved around. I think I need a lie down right now!

    • Oh dear! I think I need a lie down just thinking about that!
      Sounds horrible!
      And I made such a mess just moving a few beds, I hate to think what all that would involve. 😦

  3. We are soooo on the same track! Didn’t get a new bed but moved my bed from one side to the other side of room……rehang pictures, mirrors, move dresser, dog bed, desk, rubbish bin…all that and more. All the while hoovering all the spots that hadn’t seen the light of day for ages. I’m feeling better…but can’t find anything. So it goes………..

  4. New arrangement– new house…

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