She’s Back!

Hello everybody. A belated Happy New Year!

First, an apology. I’m really sorry I haven’t been on here for ages, about six years in fact! Why? Well, it’s all a bit rubbish, so I’ll give you the potted version. I got cancer, got rid of it, it came back, was told they could do no more at the hospital, so I went down several alternative routes and hey presto, I’m still here. I have written very little in the past few years. I don’t read misery-lit. and had no desire to write it or inflict it on anyone. People suggested it might be cathartic, but I thought it might also be depressing, so I took refuge in reading (a lot) and sewing. My Kindle became my best friend.
So I’m sorry for deserting you, but now I’m well and raring to go. I’d like to get back to chatting both to old friends and new. I hope you will welcome me back and chat to me too, the way you did when I was here before. I’ll try to get round a few of you, popping in to annoy you like I used to. So pop the kettle on and I’ll bring biscuits!

Best wishes, love Pat




5 responses to “She’s Back!

  1. This is so great to see you here again. I really did wonder where you had gone. But I can understand why you stopped blogging. So pleased to hear you are OK. Since we lost contact, I have retired to Spain and written 4 more books! xo

  2. Thank you, but I’ve obviously forgotten how this place works and I’m obviously doing something wrong because I thought I’d replied to you and it’s not shown up.
    Good to hear you’re still around. I’ve been pottering around here trying to find old friends, many of whom have disappeared in the time I’ve been gone.
    Glad you’re still here.

  3. Hey, welcome back Pat. We missed you. Glad to hear all is well again. I haven’t been on here much recently either. I just ran out of things to share. So I look forward to reconnecting with you through the blogosphere.

  4. Great to here from you! Been trawling around here and a good many of my old friends have moved on or disappeared. Will have to just knuckle down and establish new ones! Will pop over and visit you soon.

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