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My first post after a long absence was about changes. Well WordPress has undergone quite a few changes since I was last on here. The format seems totally different, so I thought I’d take a look at a few other sites and discovered many different looks and learned that the format I use is pretty much redundant.

So I’m a dinosaur? Time to take a look at what other formats are on offer. Believe me I’ve spent an age trying to find something that is as good a fit as the one I use and I’m blowed if I can sort myself with a new layout. Some of them give you an opportunity to try them out, but I’m not really comfortable with any of them.

I’m a writer, not a photographer or an estate agent. I post the odd photo, illustrating what I write, but not batches of them. I love the layout with a nice photo at the top, to change regularly, a mini pic of me, even this old outdated one, and lots of headings for people to see who I am and what I’ve written. I like the list of previous posts… Oh I could go on, but you can see what I mean.

So this is a plea…. is there a really great format out there? Or do I stick with what I have and if I do when it disappears, does that mean I do too?

And while I’m asking for help, when I’m writing a post, why doesn’t my editor automatically put in a capital letter when I add a new paragraph? And what is the block editor?