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Hard to get back into this…. and Waiting….

So it’s been a tough week. January apparently was earmarked for hospital visits, three in two weeks. One three monthly, one four monthly and one six monthly, all different departments, but all coming together to make January a pretty messy month. And it’s depressing. All that waiting around for one thing. Lots of people waiting, mostly staring into space. I take my Kindle, but busy hospital waiting rooms are hardly conducive to concentration, especially when there is a element of worry at the back of your mind.

But worry unnecessary. All is fine, so no more hospital for me for another three months. Job done.

But I haven’t only been sitting around reading. I’ve been making felt. Felting is quite hard work, especially when you decide to use a different material, untried, untested, and on a scarf destined for someone else. Flax. It was in a lovely rich black with bleached white and I thought it would be great contrast to the delicious blue merino wool I was using. However, the flax turned out to be a terrible idea, because it was harder work than usual.

And the moral of the story? Test first. Haven’t tested my wools in a long time, because I know roughly how they will handle, but I sailed in with that flax and almost ended up with a mess. It took me an age to get the flax to meld into the merino and I found myself with a different sort of waiting. Waiting where you’re active, but still waiting. Not just sitting about, but soaping and rubbing until I could persuade the flax to disappear into the rest of the scarf, whilst worrying that wouldn’t happen and I’d be left with a mess.

So I’ve discovered waiting can take many forms, and includes waiting on here too, for inspiration and the next post.