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It’s a blog Party apparently! Hurray! I love parties – especially the ones where I get to stay in my pj’s and slippers all by myself in my cupboard! Take a look at Everything Under the Sun, then maybe come back and join me for a cuppa! Happy Saturday!

Everything under the sun and more


Here it is! It is finally go time! And boy am I excited! I hope you all are as well🙂 I hope this helps you all out! I’m so happy at the responce I have gotten on this party. I just want to give a big thank you to every one of my blogging friends for making this happen:)

This party is to celebrate my one month of blogging! And accomplishing all of my goals that I made for myself:) Yes, I did pat myself on the back! These were the goals I set for myself: to get 100 followers (I have 218), to get 70 likes on my facebook page (I have 75), to have 1500 views (I have 3,685), to get 200 comments on blog (I have 750), and post 100 posts (I made 110/ 111 with this one)!!! So I am pretty excited! And all this…

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