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Hi –

If you would like to contact me by email, then please write to:

6 responses to “Email me

  1. Hi Pat,

    I’ve chosen to spotlight your blog for the month of November.

    • Ooh-er. Thank you very much. You are very kind. I will come on over and check out the other recipients.
      What a lovely thought!!! 🙂

  2. Hello Pat!

    I’ve nominated you for a Gargie Award…unless you’d prefer a Liebster. Take your pick.

    • A Gargie? Well that made me laugh! Sounds fun/interesting! I’ll pop over and take a look.
      I am a bit behind though, so it might take me a while to respond – hope that is OK?

  3. Hope everything is going ok.

  4. Haven’t head from you in awhile Pat. Hope all is OK.

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