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I am planning to publish a book on Kindle etc. later this year/early next year, depending on how the edit goes.

If you would like to receive a sample chapters prior to publication, please like this page and I will send you the first three chapters now and some more on publication.

This book has seen several incarnations and in younger formats has been out to various agents. Some have panned the idea, some liked it and asked for more. One considered the whole book for four months, had a discussion about it and then turned it down. Since then it has lain dormant and then been dragged into life again with a complete revision.

Don’t let the fact that I am proposing to release it as Women’s Contemporary Fiction put you off.  If you like the rest of what you read here, you may like this. (Think Ruth Rendell meets Joanna Trollope). It contains lots of lies, some crime, a little romance, a little sex and some more crime, together with a sniff of religion. Its working titles have been Harvest of Lies and The Sin Eater.  In this incarnation (and because of the genre) I am proposing Lipstick and Lies, but that isn’t set in stone. If the title puts you off, then please let me know and we can discuss it.

Like the page to receive your chapters.


5 responses to “Mailing List

  1. Whaaaat? I’m first? Can’t believe it!!!! I love being first…send me my prize.

  2. Add me to the list please Pat. But a word of warning – I Googled Lipstick and Lies and got numerous hits on Margit Liesche book of that na

    • Yes, the book has had several titles in its little life, all of which have been used elsewhere. I can change that – if I can think of anything more original! – but I need to know if this is readable. Hope you enjoy it but don’t be afraid to say if you think it’s dreadful.

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