Criminal tendencies in print

I write therefore I am. Usually in the mornings, usually in a cupboard, a nice boring cupboard where the computer lives and where in theory I have no distractions.That is the theory.

Aiming to be published as a novelist, to be a more adventurous artist, stylishly minimalist and thin.


7 responses to “Stuff

  1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by earlier and liking my blog. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Hi Pat,

    I’m not sure if you participate in blogging awards, but if you do, I’d like to extend a Beautiful Blogger Award to you.

    • Er – I don’t know, is the answer to if I participate, because I know nothing about them.
      But I am honoured and delighted to receive one.
      I see badges on various sites as I troll around on here, but have no idea what they mean. I will pop over to you and see what it’s all about.
      And thank you so much for your kind thought.

      • Well, all these awards usually ask you to share 7 things about yourself in a blog post and hand out the award to other blogs – but there isn’t an award police out there, so basically if you just want to display the logo on your blog, you can.

        If you want to ignore the award – you can. If you want to pass it onto a few other bloggers – go for it! I never follow the rules to the letter. It’s just something for fun anyways- gives your blog exposure and builds camaraderie with other bloggers. 🙂

        Actually, one of the reasons I created my own Spotlight award is so that I can always feature other blogs on my blog and give out an award without attaching conditions.

        • Thank you Nicole. Camaraderie will other bloggers is great and I can see how creating your own Spotlight award would be a good idea. I need to think about the 7 things to say about myself. Hmm. What to tell?

    • Hi again, have taken a look and I am delighted and very proud to accept your award. Tomorrow I shall have been here just two weeks, and you make me feel as though new friends are welcoming me.
      Thank you.
      Not sure what I have to do now.

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