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Time is on my mind

At the moment, I understand Dali’s melting clock. Someone has definitely decided to melt mine. I think time has gone into over drive. I am frightened to blink in case an hour has passed and I truly believe it is speeding up.

Time is definitely a flighty being. First of all, Einstein pretty much dismissed it as non-existent. Not just relative, but depending upon where you sit in the universe, it moves around, stretches and shrinks in a most alarming way. Right now, a quick trip to somewhere like Alpha Centauri would solve a lot of my problems as time would apparently slow down. Here on earth, you’d be rushing around growing older and tearing towards Christmas like a bunny on speed, whilst up there I would have plenty of opportunity to get everything done I need to, whilst still enjoying a lazy lie in, reading the Jo Nesbo I started a week ago.

My writing, which I’d expected to grow substantially in the last couple of weeks, has developed a distinct stammer. The peace, quiet and timelessness of another planet should see my tome grow in a more satisfying way than it has an opportunity to do here. Finishing the present buying and writing Christmas cards are pressing, as yet I have not put up one single decoration and whilst a distinct party atmosphere abounds among my friends, the most festive I’ve managed is to don a pair of snowflake earrings.

Mind you, there doesn’t seem to be much sun up there. We’ve had a lovely sunny day today and I wouldn’t be getting any more of those. In fact, I believe it’s dark, which as we have established in a previous post does not suit me. Will it be cold too? In which case, I’m going off the idea by the nano-second.

And of course, because of that relativity thing, by the point I chose to come back, Christmas would have come and gone. Maybe quite a few Christmases. The family would have despaired of me ever turning up to cook the turkey and got on with it on their own. And I’m fairly sure that the Wifi wouldn’t work up there, so I would lose touch with a lot of my bloggy friends.

In short, Alpha Centauri is not the answer. But I still have a need to find more time.

Maybe I could try giving up sleep?