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Let it not snow!!!

That dreaded dratted white stuff is threatened. Yes, the snow. It hasn’t arrived yet and I’m freezing cold at the very thought.

I have been trying to dust off the blogs I haven’t visited lately and it’s taken me all day to get about half way through. There is far too much stuff in the blogosphere which is interesting and I blame you lot for keeping me chatting and drinking tea and nibbling doughnuts. How is a person to get anything done?

When I next decide to take nearly two weeks off at Christmas or any other time, just remind me how long it takes to catch up with everyone, get back into the swing of things and answer all my emails. Getting around to writing a post is hard enough, but I need to be writing my fantastic and wonderful first draft of the new opus, not to mention editing ancient oeuvres! And I notice from my drifting around on the ether that I’m not the only one not entirely back from their holidays yet. I’ve read more apologies and short posts today than in all the six months I’ve been reading and scribbling on here.

I love touring around, finding out what you’re all up to. I suppose it’s a form of delightful procrastination. I open up the computer, determined to do some work and think, must just take a quick look the emails, see if there is anything urgent or interesting. And then of course it’s all either urgent or interesting and that’s my work kissed good-bye yet again.

As for Twitter, I am so-oooo behind on that. I had perfected the art of ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the evening, but that was before Santa began his mammoth sleigh ride and now I don’t seem to get as far as even opening Tweetdeck. All my lovely Twitter friends will think I have dropped off the planet.

So, if I haven’t been around lately to curl up for a cuppa and a chat, it’s not for want of trying. Keep the kettle hot and the biscuits handy. I will get there very soon. Keep scribbling because I’m itching to know what you’ve been up to.

Of course, if it snows really hard and I get blocked into my house, then I may not  peep out until the Spring. If you’re not to busy, you could always come over and dig me out!