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Pen friends

Ever since I re-blogged a post on the Great Bic Pen Fiasco (https://patwoodblogging.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=535&action=edit) I have been paying a little more attention to the pen I choose to use in the morning. This morning, it was my little green Space Pen. You remember those – designed  to write in space, to write at any angle, even upside down. They turned out to be a wonderful , but rather unnecessary invention, since there being no gravity to prevent ink from flowing, it didn’t matter what direction they were held at. Nice little novelties though, with a pretty history and a delightful present to a pen lover like me from a thoughtful friend.

My Space Pen is green, and quite small, a fact that sometimes puts me off it a bit. As I commented on http://theunconventionalhousewife.com/2012/08/27/the-bic-files/ I tend to go for fairly large pens, what BIC would doubtless refer to as ‘male’. Something to get hold of. Probably because my writing is rather enormous.

And why do I require a plethora of pens you may ask, since I have mentioned a couple of times how I write straight to computer? Surely I have no need of the odd ballpoint, feminine andice cream coloured or otherwise. But I write Morning pages longhand. Early morning scribbles, of arrant nonsense quite often. The first exercise of my writing muscle for the day. Followed by as much writing direct to the computer as I can manage, including my blog post.

But each day, I have to write something longhand. On paper with a carefully chosen pen friend.