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First Wednesday, so it’s Insecure Writers Ahead!

Insecure Writers AheadOn the first Wednesday of the month, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group leaps into action. Sometimes the postings of those on this group are flippant (er, often me) and sometimes they are heartfelt. That was the case when I read http://albertaross.wordpress.com/ While I was lazily pottering through 2012, she was attacking it and having a terrible time with a heart problem – and I don’t mean romantically.

All of us who whinge and whine and say we feel insecure should check out this blog, because this lady has managed to keep writing through her illness, using her imagination and her Dragon software to keep going. She had every reason to feel insecure, but she didn’t let illness get in her way. Her Imagination stayed with her, feeding her daily, urging her onward, keeping up the word count, even if it wasn’t always writing what she wanted to be writing.

I urge you to read her post and take inspiration from it. Sometimes, we’re not so much insecure, as lacking determination and this lady has it in spades.

And, erm, sorry to revert to flippant, and apologies to Alberta Ross, but – I once had a rabbit called Albert Ross. He was white with  extremely long ears. Really long. Even when he was tiny, the ears were, well, long. And they flopped – so they were also very wide. Like an enormous wing on each side of his head. Like the wingspan of an albatross. Hence, Albert Ross…..

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