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Passwords, swear words, lots of words unprintable…. and an idea

I had to change all my passwords. Why? Because I was hacked. Have you ever been hacked? It is not a pleasant experience and leaves you feeling vulnerable and hacked off.

Where did this hacking take place? On Twitter.

Twitter was very good and informed me that my account had been compromised. When it happened for a second time, I was ready. I shut down everything immediately, opening everything up with a new password. And I mean everything. On every single site that I use especially those that involve money.

It takes ages, it is very boring and it should be unnecessary. What is it about the hacker that makes him, or her, get a kick out of annoying the hell out of someone they don’t even know? Isn’t that a bit weird? No – scrap that – it’s extremely weird. You have to be some kind of first class, died in the wool idiot to want to do that, surely?

And then I had an idea for a character in my novel. I don’t know if I will use him, but he’s a hacker and he is sociopath. I don’t know if the two go together as a matter of course, but in my book, they are pretty much synonymous. He not only has a personality disorder, but will go to any lengths to hack someone’s life. Not just their computer, but their life. And the results will be devastating… not quite there yet, but I think the idea has legs.

So thank you hacker. I think you are all kinds of twit, but I am pleased to tell you that you are not an entire waste of space and good fresh air: you have given me an idea.