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Help – Who turned out the lights?

I think I might have turned into a dormouse. Suddenly, I cannot wake up in the mornings. Er, better re-phrase that – anybody who knows me is well aware that I am not a lark. Keep me up until all hours of the night and I am fine. Not a party girl, but nattering to friends, watching some rubbish on the television or writing great screeds of whatever is important to me right now I can do well into the wee small hours. Morning is not my favourite time of day. And silly o’clock times are likely to make me wince. About eight is usually fine by me. And occasionally I can do seven if there’s something important going on….

But it’s getting worse. Right now, the mornings are dark, oppressive and getting cold. This is not an incentive for me to open my eyes. They glue themselves firmly shut and it takes two cups of my weird tea to get them open. And breakfast as well. And the nights are drawing in, so it’s darker earlier as the days shorten towards winter.

It is definitely the time of year coupled with the horrible weather. Something about the lack of daylight has niggled me and my internal clock is extremely displeased with the idea of mornings. And next week end it is all set to get worse as we put our clocks back by one hour.

I hate it.

Isn’t dark enough? Isn’t it difficult enough? Isn’t it horrible enough without we make it one hour darker and one hour more horrible. Oh, I know the argument: Scotland will be whipped into darkness until about noon. But in the summer, you are much better off: you have evenings. You have long summer evenings when it doesn’t really get dark at all. If you drive northwards in August around dusk, the light doesn’t appear to change all through the journey. It’s weird. Down here in the south, we are in the process of losing what evenings we have and then our mornings disappear as well. Can’t we call it swings and roundabouts and get you to get up later? Adjust your day instead of all our clocks?

Or maybe we could have another time zone – a north/south one instead of east/west. You fall back by one hour next week and we stay the same. With our current gloomy mornings not getting any darker. Just gloomy and miserable. And the nights getting darker earlier….

Oh grief.

Or maybe I should just move to somewhere less dark and miserable.

Or maybe I should hibernate?








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