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WordPress changes? Who needed all this?

Why, why, why have WordPress changed it all?Is anyone else horrified by the new layouts?

Freshly Pressed used to be easy to follow, now it’s just one big list. The Reader is different – was the change from left hand side to right hand side just to keep us on our toes? And it is not easy to get back to my own blog from either of these places now, the headings are all wrong, unless I’m being really obtuse. Now if I want to go from Freshly Pressed to adding my own post, it’s impossible: I’ve had to bookmark it on my browser.

It’s as if someone from a supermarket has decided to take the thing to pieces just for the sake of it. You know the sort of thing: you go in through the front door expecting the cereals to be here and the tomatoes to be there, but some bright spark of a new manager has ‘re-merchandised’ it all to be more user-friendly, which usually means it is anything but.

Why can’t the headings on the top of Freshly Pressed and the Reader be similar to those on the top of the Dashboard settings? Wouldn’t that be logical?

It worked so well before, what is all this about? Is this change for change sake WordPress?