WordPress changes? Who needed all this?

Why, why, why have WordPress changed it all?Is anyone else horrified by the new layouts?

Freshly Pressed used to be easy to follow, now it’s just one big list. The Reader is different – was the change from left hand side to right hand side just to keep us on our toes? And it is not easy to get back to my own blog from either of these places now, the headings are all wrong, unless I’m being really obtuse. Now if I want to go from Freshly Pressed to adding my own post, it’s impossible: I’ve had to bookmark it on my browser.

It’s as if someone from a supermarket has decided to take the thing to pieces just for the sake of it. You know the sort of thing: you go in through the front door expecting the cereals to be here and the tomatoes to be there, but some bright spark of a new manager has ‘re-merchandised’ it all to be more user-friendly, which usually means it is anything but.

Why can’t the headings on the top of Freshly Pressed and the Reader be similar to those on the top of the Dashboard settings? Wouldn’t that be logical?

It worked so well before, what is all this about? Is this change for change sake WordPress?



34 responses to “WordPress changes? Who needed all this?

  1. Don’t forget that the ‘add media’ process has also been ‘improved’. It took me several attempts to get my head around it.

  2. I noticed the changes yesterday and wasn’t very happy about them. The side bar on the left was nice but I guess I’ll get use to the right side. However, I dislike the new way the Reader has the posts done. You can’t see the title or blogger easily. Well you can see it at the bottom but it’s smaller I think 😦

  3. And here I was thinking it was all my fault…pressing and clicking all the wrong things!! This time…it’s not my fault for getting it all….wrong!

  4. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
    So glad it’s not just me 🙂

  5. It’s getting worse than facebook, all of these changes for changes sake. I too do not like the new reader format.

    • Maddening, isn’t it? There was nothing wrong with it before and now there is. I have no idea of how to go about asking for the old format back either.

  6. I’m taking a break and just checked in and saw the changes. Bleck pretty much covers it. The little whatchamacallit that lets you know about comments, that thing. It doesn’t go away when you’ve read and responded. I’ll stay on my break and hope things go back to old slippers when I return.

    • ‘Old slippers’ – love that. Just about sums it up: it is no longer comfortable or easy on the eye. I hope you’re right and it goes back to the way it was.

      • I hope so. Typepad is looking pretty good right now. It seems I get nickled and dimed to death here. With the other the cost is nominal and I’ve got what I need. We’ll see. Maybe the changes are for the better.

  7. I can’t work it out either – almost gave up completely yesterday!

    • Well I’m not reading Freshly Pressed now. Can’t be bothered to scroll through all that lot to see if there might possibly be anything that is interesting. The at-a-glance grid was so-oooo much better.

  8. Hi Pat, we are new to your blog by way of mutual blogging friend Carrie Rubin and are happy to have found you. We couldn’t agree with you more. And we’re happy you wrote something about it, because we were beginning to think it was only us griping about the changes! It took us months to get used to everything on wordpress only to have them switch things up and make it difficult. With posts like yours, and people like us and your other commenters, hopefully we can send them a clear-cut message and that is: “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!” We will be sharing this with all of our networking buddies and look forward to your future posts.

    • Very nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by.
      The changes are absolutely maddening and it’s definitely not you griping about the changes!
      There have been quite a few comments, so I’m hoping that WordPress will sit up and take notice.
      Freshly Pressed is impossible now – there isn’t any point in it any more because you have to scroll through just like on the Reader. It all takes too long.
      Thank you for sharing the post.
      I will pop over and hang out with you so put the kettle on. I’ll bring the doughnuts!!! 🙂

  9. I quite agree. These changes seem more along the line of how MySpace managed to lose so many people – tinkering with things just because they could.

    In all their messing with things, the one simple thing they didn’t do was change the clock on the stats back to Standard Time rather than DST

    • I just hope someone out there who is involved in all these changes is reading this.
      The Reader is a horrible mess and less easy to read and as for Freshly Pressed – I can’t be bothered to scroll through all that to see if there might be a little gem. It could well be on my Reader somewhere anyway.
      I never pay much attention to the time, but I take your point. Everything else has been mangled, so it’s weird they left that alone.

  10. I’m with you Pat, I don’t like the new set up 😦


  11. I don’t like the reader either.

    • I suppose if you have an enormous screen it would be easier to read, but since people are reading on much much smaller screens these days, like on phones, it seems weird to make each post so large and the type face so horrible.

  12. I’m not certain why some of the changes are needed for WordPress.com. Are they concerned about bloggers defecting to another platform?

  13. The main problem with anything that is open source is that billions and billions and billions of people contribute to it, so a lot of times, yes, it is change for the sake of change.

  14. Hi, Pat! Thanks for coming by my blog. I so agree with this post about Word Press. I’ve gone from being able to put up a new post in a few minutes to spending an hour or more struggling with the now-cumbersome format that MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. And putting in a picture? Fuggetaboutit!

    Your comparison to the grocery store manager who puts the tomatoes in the least-logical location is so apt.


    • Thank you for the comment Deb. You are right. Change for change sake I think. I am getting used to it but I don’t really see why it was necessary. Just a lot of hassle over nothing.

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