Pat’s Pop Up Shop – October 2012

Well, that’s how it looked at the start of the first day. In the end, sold quite well. Thank you to everyone for all your good wishes.

Very hard work, but quite pleased with the result, although glad I only have the whole shop once a year. Had several people congratulate me on having my own shop – er, to fill that I’d have to work all night every night and invent a couple of new days in the week! No thank you. I gave up full time work: this is supposed to be my part time bread and butter job so I can keep writing.

Now I go back to using the window of my lovely hairdresser and the odd craft fair!


16 responses to “Pat’s Pop Up Shop – October 2012

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  2. LOve, love your displays. What wonderful items. Do you sell things online as well?

    • Not really. Used to have a website, but couldn’t keep it up to date. Things were sold and the site was always a step behind. I usually sell through craft fairs and exhibitions and a local hairdresser is a permanent outlet.
      Most of my stuff is abroad though. Because it is so light to send, and postage expensive if you try to send heavy stuff, people like it for presents, especially at Christmas. Glad you like it. And thanks for the tweet!

  3. I am in total awe! Where do you find the time??????

    • I’M really lucky as I don’t have a regular job, just this very irregular one! And there are times when I write a bit, felt a bit, write a bit more and so on.

  4. Echo comment from Tersia B. above….when do you find the time?????????

    • Like I said, I’m lucky enough not to have a regular job. Used to have a retail art shop (in which I used to paint silk), but I gave it up about six years ago so I had more time to write and create the sort of art I wanted to instead of repeating stuff for customers along the lines of ‘can I have that but in blue?’
      Basically I am pretty much a ‘kept woman’. And John will roll the felt sometimes as well, which can be the really tough part if I’m making something heavier than a cobweb scarf or a pair of baby boots.

  5. loved popping in here even if it is (alas) virtually. Large sales – its all so gorgeous

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